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Hazel Green Area Insight

  • Shelia Swaim
    RE/MAX Unlimited
    If you have ever thought of having small town living, but all of the amenities of city living, then you should look at the Hazel Green area. Small town grocers with butchers, pharmacies, local fresh veggies and fruits are just the start of the greatness of Hazel Green. The high school is one of the best in all of north Alabama with sports and extra-curricular activities galore. The housing in Hazel Green ranges from below 100K to over 500K, so whatever you are looking for, check for it in Hazel Green. Bluegrass country music played live in back rooms are some of the special feel for the small town. However, Walmart is in the process of opening another super center so Hazel Green will be on the grow for a little while again. But check it out, Hazel Green could be the place you next call home.
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    Hazel Green, AL
    I guess there are common community names no matter where you come from. It seems like there are some that are more popular than others like, "Shady Grove" or "Valley View." The origins most times have been lost in time. Some community names were obvious for humor. Or at least they seem to be.

    In the Hazel Green area there is Lick Skillet. I have already written about Lick Skillet, Alabama. Rumor has it that somebody got "licked" up beside the head with a skillet there during a brawl in the early 1900's.

    There is Hump, Alabama the home of the almost famous Quick brothers. They were the aviation pioneers. They almost upstaged the Wright Brothers and their flying machine from Kitty Hawk.

    There is Skinem, Alabama. What is it noted for? Nothing that I know. Clyde Slayton ran a general merchandise store there during the mid 1900's, and there was Brady's skating rink on the other corner about the same time.

    Gobblers Knob, Alabama was always fun to say when I was a child. About all I know about Gobler's Knob is that Mr. Davis had a barbershop behind his house in Gobler's Knob when I was a child. I think he charged 25 cents for the cut.

    There is Black Cat, Alabama. All that is there now is a closed store building with bold letters written across its side proclaiming it as The Black Cat Mall.

    And there is Bobo, Alabama. Bobo has one famous resident. He is a nationally recognized comedian, Aaron Wilburn.

    All of these communities, with others join together to form Hazel Green, Alabama. Throughout the land of red dirt is farm land and subdivisions. Hazel Green is a great place to raise a family. Hazel Green is a great place to work and play or even retire. Folks are friendly. Hazel Green is where life is good.
  • Shelia Swaim
    RE/MAX Unlimited
    Hazel Green is a small quiet community that is just yards from the Alabama/Tennessee state line. It is the area that is on the grow in the northern Madison County area. If a small town atmosphere is what you desire, you need to look closely at Hazel Green. Wal-mart has recently picked Hazel Green to open another shopping area.
  • Boles Land or Bolesland as some may call the area is on the east side of Hazel Green near Flint River. Boles Land is very much a country setting and is not laid out as the typical subdivision. There is no HOA. Homes are modestly priced.
  • There is a community just northwest of Hazel Green known as Lick Skillet. It is a fun place to talk about. Downtown Lick Skillet is at the intersection of Charity Lane and Butter and Egg Road. About all you will find in Lick Skillet are some storage buildings and a 4,200 square foot rustic building owned by Don Williams. Most folks around call it the Music Barn. Some nights, guests might enjoy a local country band. Other nights, it may be bluegrass or gospel. There may even be an auction. And, there is cowboy church on Sunday. Whatever the activity, it is definitely the culture center of Lick Skillet. And it is always a good clean family place to enjoy entertainment and pizza. Legend has it that a fight broke out at a general merchandise store that occupied the spot back in the 1920's or 1930's. The store was owned by the grandfather of a local celebrity, Bill Malone. One of his relatives whacked somebody over the head with a skillet that ended the brawl. Therefore, somebody got "licked with a skillet." There was at one time a public school to the north of Lick Skillet that was called New Sharon. For years, it was a standing joke that anyone who attended the school attended LSU...Lick Skillet University.
  • If you are looking for a slower pace of life where you can get away from the rat race, there is no better place than the Walnut Grove Community. It is located about four miles due east of Hazel Green. Flint River runs at the edge of the community. Locals often fish from the banks or float the narrow creek by canoe or raft. One might even find a place to swim.
    Commerce of Walnut Grove is mostly limited to Potters Grocery. If you ask, store owners Dickey or Gwen Potter will prepare you a bologna and cheese sandwich while you pump gas for your car. Usually, there are a few retirees sitting around talking, whittling and/or playing checkers. If a thing-a-ma-jig breaks on your lawn mower or house plumbing, it is always wise to check first with Dickey, because he just might have what you need for repair without your driving to town.
    Walnut Grove is a very much neighborly place. Neighbors still help neighbors. Neighbors still show that they care for each other. And, there is a real Farmer Brown in Walnut Grove. People drive great distances to acquire Noel Brown's strawberries. You can even pick your own.
    Walnut Grove is not exactly so far back in the boonies that sunshine is pumped in. Within five miles, there is a soon coming Wal-Mart, a very modern Griners' Grocery Store, restaurants, doctor's offices, pharmacy, auto parts stores and a dollar store. Walnut Grove is about a 30 minute or less drive from downtown Huntsville.
    Many people live in the community because of Walnut Grove Elementary School. It is nationally recognized and has achieved the Blue Ribbon status. Students who attend or have attended Walnut Grove (since the 1920's) label themselves as Grovers.
    I will feel guilty if I don't add this disclaimer: There were five generations of my ancestors (Hill's) before me (from the1800 circa) who lived in Walnut Grove. We raised our family there. And one of my sons and both of my grandchildren live in the Walnut Grove Community. And, yes, I am proud to say, "I am a Grover, too."

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