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Downton Mobile Downtown Mobile is growing leaps-and-bounds! It so nice to see such a vibrant culture emerging in

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  • Carmen Wilson
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
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    Mobile, AL
    Downtown Mobile is growing leaps-and-bounds! It so nice to see such a vibrant culture emerging in our port city! New business are opening on a regular basis and the streets are becoming lively and full of options.

    An evening visit to Dauphin Street will greet you with the canopy of lights strung above your head.
    It's not Vegas by any means, but since Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras, you will likely find a stray brightly colored string of beads still hanging from a balcony or tree branch. Most locals would agree, a stroll on Dauphin street, brings back fond memories of hometown-downtown.
  • Lisa Lambert
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
    Some buyers opt to save the home inspection fee and take a chance on exactly what repairs are needed to move into a new home.  While a home inspection is an optional item for a buyer, the wise buyer does in fact need a home inspection in order to determine any immediate or near future repairs.  While many homes are sold in as is condition, it is still a great relief to have a home inspection performed during the due diligence period of your contract in order to either save up your funds or prepare to have your tools handy upon move in.
  • Carmen Wilson
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
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    Mobile, AL
    If you are looking for fine dining in Mobile, definitely add Dauphin's Restaurant to your list.
    Entertaining out of town guests? Dauphin's, is located high above the city at 107 St. Francis Street, in historic downtown Mobile.

    White tablecloths, exquisite views, excellent customer service, and last but certainly not least, scrumptious entrees and decadent desserts. Owned by a local football legend, Bob Baumhower, and managed by Tom Young and pleasing our pallet, is Executive Chef, Steve Zuker. Need I say more?
  • Thinking of taking a tour of Mobile? Let the drone do the work for you. The beautiful footage of Mobile is one that you would want to see. It shows all the beauty and the reason to call Mobile home.
  • Leanne Carpenter
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
    The USS Battleship Memorial Park will be holding its annual firework show. The park opens at 8:00 a.m and field parking opens at 4:00 p.m. Parking costs are $2.00 before 5:00 p.m. and $5.00 afterwards. Mobile Pops will be performing at 7:00 p.m. and fireworks start at 9:00 p.m. Grills and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Concessions and restroom facilities will be available inside the park. Stopping on the Causeway or Bayway to view the show is not allowed and it will be strictly enforced.
  • Leanne Carpenter
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
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    Mobile, AL
    Mobile Bay Bears will be in town next weekend the 23rd through the 27th of June. They will be playing the Birmingham Barons. Come check them out and enjoy a relaxing night out with the family.
  • Leanne Carpenter
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
    Legends Of Southern Hip Hop will be at the Mobile Civic Center Arena in Mobile on Saturday,
    April 9, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. Cost is between $43.00 and $99.00. The Civic Center is located at
    401 Civic Center Drive in Mobile.
  • Leanne Carpenter
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
    The Harlem Globetrotters will be performing at the University of South Alabama's Mitchell Center at 7 p.m. on April 1, 2016. No this is no April Fool's joke. It is real, so come on out and have some great fun.
  • Leanne Carpenter
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
    Ever wanted to dance the night away after seeing the bright lights and beautiful floats of a parade downtown. Here's the schedule of when the balls are!

    Mardi Gras Ball schedule for 2016

    Friday, January 22
    Conde Cavaliers (Mobile Civic Center)
    Order of Dragons (Mobile Country Club)

    Saturday, January 23
    Conde Explorers (Mobile Convention Center)
    Joy of Life (Cruise Terminal)
    Mystic Order of Nyx (Tillman's Corner Community Center)
    New Mobilians (Corpus Christi Community Center)
    Order of Hebe (Battle House Hotel)
    Pharaohs (Expo Hall)
    Pierrettes (Mobile Civic Center)

    Thursday, January 28
    Order of Polka Dots (Mobile Civic Center)

    Friday January 29
    Apollo’s Mystic Ladies (Daphne Civic Center)
    Mardi Gras Maskers (Fort Whiting)
    Order of Inca (Mobile Civic Center)

    Saturday, January 30
    Knights of Ecor Rouge (Fairhope Civic Center)
    Krewe of Goats (The Grounds)
    Krewe of Marry Mates (Expo Hall)
    Maids of Mirth (Holiday Inn Downtown)
    Mobile Mystics (Mobile Convention Center)
    Moonlight Maidens of Mobile (Cruise Terminal)
    Order of Butterfly Maidens (Fort Whiting)
    Order of Juno (Mobile Civic Center)

    Sunday, January 31
    Neptune’s Daughters (Mobile Civic Center)
    OOI (Fort Whiting)
    Thalians (Mobile Carnival Museum)

    Monday, February 1
    Order of Venus (Mobile Convention Center)

    Tuesday, February 2
    Order of LaShe’s (Mobile Civic Center)

    Wednesday, February 3
    Fifty Funny Fellows (Mobile Civic Center)

    Thursday, February 4
    Mystic Stripers Society (Mobile Civic Center)

    Friday, February 5
    Crewe of Columbus (Mobile Civic Center)
    Knights of Mobile (Azalea Hall)
    Maids of Jubilee (Fairhope Civic Center)
    Mystical Order of Mirams (Orange Beach Event Center)

    Saturday, February 6
    Comrades (Fort Whiting)
    Midnight Mystics (Helena II)
    MLK Monday Mystics (Bishop State)
    Mobile Mystical Ladies (Cruise Terminal)
    Mystic Revelers (Bay Minette Civic Center)
    Mystics of Pleasure (Perdido Beach Resort)
    Mystics of Time (Mobile Civic Center)
    Original Dragons (The Grounds)
    Shadow Barons (Daphne Civic Center)

    Sunday, February 7
    Le Krewe de Bienville (Cruise Terminal)

    Monday, February 8
    Infant Mystics (Mobile Civic Center)
    Monday Nighters Sports Club (The Grounds)
    Order of Doves (Shriner Temple Auditorium)
    Order of Mystic Magnolias (Fairhope Civic Center)
    Original Don Q Inc. (Fort Whiting)
    The Original Krewe of Don-Q (Daphne Civic Center)
    Prichard Carnival Association (Cruise Terminal)

    Tuesday, February 9
    Order of Athena (Shriner Temple Auditorium)
  • Leanne Carpenter
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
    Mobile is the original home of Mardi Gras. Gear up for a fun night of partying and catching beads, moonpies, stuffed animals and a whole lot more!!!

    Mobile Mardi Gras schedule for 2016!

    Friday, January 22
    6:30 p.m. - Conde Cavaliers
    Saturday, January 23
    2:30 p.m. - Bayport Parading Society, Mystic DJ Riders
    6:30 p.m. - Pharaohs, Order of Hebe, Conde Explorers
    Thursday, January 28
    6:30 p.m. - Order of Polka Dots
    Friday, January 29
    6:30 p.m. - Order of Inca
    Saturday, January 30 (Senior Bowl)
    2 p.m. - Mobile Mystics, Mobile Mystical Revelers
    6:30 p.m. - Maids of Mirth, Butterfly Maidens, Krewe of Marry Mates
    Sunday, January 31
    6:30 p.m. - Neptune's Daughters, OOI
    Monday, February 1
    6:30 p.m. - Order of Venus, Order of Many Faces
    Tuesday, February 2
    6:30 p.m. - Order of LaShe's
    Thursday, February 4
    6:30 p.m. - Mystic Stripers Society
    Friday, February 5
    6:30 p.m. - Crewe of Columbus
    Saturday, February 6
    Noon - Floral Parade, Knights of Mobile, Mobile Mystical Ladies, Order of Angels
    6 p.m. - Mystics of Time
    Sunday, February 7 (Joe Cain Day and Super Bowl 50)
    2 p.m. - King Elexis I Motorcade (Mobile, Route E)
    2:30 p.m. - Joe Cain Procession
    5 p.m. - Le Krewe de Bienville

    Monday, February 8 (Lundi Gras)
    Noon - King Felix III, Floral parade
    3 p.m. - MLK Business and Civic Organization, MLK Monday Mystics, Northside Merchants (Mobile, Route D)
    6:30 p.m. - Infant Mystics, Order of Doves (Mobile, Route F)

    Tuesday, February 9 (Fat Tuesday)
    10:30 a.m. - Order of Athena
    12:30 p.m. - Knights of Revelry, King Felix III, Comic Cowboys
    2 p.m. - MAMGA Mammoth Parade (Mobile, Route B)
    6 p.m. - Order of Myths (Mobile, Route C)
  • Lisa Lambert
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
    Come enjoy Fireworks at Battleship Park located at 2703 Battleship Parkway in Mobile. Below is the itinerary for the day:

    8:00 a.m. - Battleship USS Alabama open all day
    4:00 p.m. - Field parking opens
    7:00 p.m. - Concert by the Mobile Pops
    9:00 p.m. - Fireworks

    Parking is $2 before 5:00 p.m., $5 after 5:00 p.m. This is a must do!
  • Located on Springhill Avenue less than 20 minutes from Spanish Fort Alabama, The Bragg- Mitchell is an amazing example of Mobile's antebellum past. With stately columns and manicured grounds, this graceful lady celebrates the unique atmosphere of Mobile's history. It's a great place to celebrate and take a step back in time.
  • Oakleigh, was constructed in 1833 by a Virginia cotton broker. Oakleigh is a T-shaped Greek revival country estate highlighted by unique architectural features including a distinct cantilevered front staircase, grand double parlors, and galleries accessed through jib windows. The house is filled with a collection of 1850s period furniture, an extensive art collection, silver, and artifacts from Mobile’s past.
  • Amazing weekend ahead for downtown Mobile. The annual BayFest Music Festival is this weekend and the weather is going to be perfect. Fall has arrived and lots of great local musicians and well known music acts will be performing for us in the streets of Mobile. Food, drinks and great fun will be had by all!
  • Alana Turk
    RE/MAX Of Orange Beach
    Mobile is wonderfully business friendly because of its fabulous shipping ports, and other important delivery logistics such as trains, planes. Business owners also enjoy low taxes and regulations.

    Take a tour on Hwy 90 (which is awesome all on its own) over the Mobile River and think about this small town from an industrial and economical perspective. From this five minute ride over and around the river, down to the bay, you will get a great view of Austal USA.

    Austal is a huge ship building and repair facility. There are multiple buildings harboring different stages of ships and barges under construction for our Naval services. Sometimes you can get a peek inside of the soaring buildings and see gigantic ships and their parts.

    In addition, I am always fascinated by the multiple huge oil and gas tanks too! Millions of gallons of our energy sources flow through the ports of Mobile. I hope to get pictures of our newcomer soon; Airbus-a leading large aircraft builder! Talk about job creation, this facility will be another fantastic contributor to our economy here in the Gulf of Alabama. Simply put folks, there is money to be made here and around Mobile Bay.
  • Great Saturday for some fun! The Great Food Truck Race show on Food Network was in town for some food and fun. Not a bad way to spend a misty afternoon.
  • A great place for walking, eating and entertainment. The Dauphin Street area in downtown Mobile is only minutes from Spanish Fort. Great venues like Spot of Tea, The Music Box, Cathedral Square and The Saenger Theater!
  • Ask a Local Expert a question about Mobile.
    Mobile, AL
    The first parade of Mardi Gras rolled through the streets of Downtown Mobile. Weather was cool and dry which produced a fantastic ride for the Conde Cavaliers! There was a wonderful turnout!
  • Ruth Carlson
    RE/MAX Select
    The Mobile Museum of Art is beautifully situated in Municipal Park off of Springhill Ave on Museum Drive. The building overlooks the lagoon and is surrounded by a walking trail featuring the history of Mobile markers and a public sculpture collection. Visiting art shows enrich the collections.
  • Ruth Carlson
    RE/MAX Select
    The 100 acre Mobile Botanical Gardens are open to the public and offer a wide range of garden and volunteer experiences. Their twice a year plant sales feature plants best suited to the Gulf Coast. Plus, the gardens feature the Longleaf Pine forest (native to Alabama) with excellent walking trails; a fabulous winter garden which has been nominated for an international award for an outstanding camellia collection; an herb garden maintained by the Gulf Coast Herb Society; and many other gardens and educational opportunities! The Gardens are located at 5151 Museum Drive (off Springhill Ave).
  • Airbus is a subsidiary of AIDT, a European based company. They are presently building a huge facility at the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley to build the A320 aircraft. This is a single aisle passenger plane which is very popular worldwide and has a growing backorder. The Brookley plant is the first manufacturing site on U.S. soil for AIDT.

    The plant is expected to begin putting planes together sometime in 2015. The first completed planes will roll off the assembly line in 2016. When fully operational, Airbus will provide over 1000 jobs with starting pay from $13 to $22 per hour. Suppliers to Airbus are currently being courted by our city to come locate nearby. These companies will provide hundreds more jobs.

    When all these new employees begin to buy cars, houses, food, and consumer goods, Mobile's economy will benefit greatly. Welcome to Mobile Airbus. We are so glad you are here!
  • Ginny Stopa
    RE/MAX By The Bay
    Although New Orleans gets the credit, Mardi Gras actually originated in Mobile. For weeks before the start of Lent, downtown Mobile is alive with festivities. Thousands of people flock to see the beautiful floats/costumes, catch raining necklaces and moonpies, and revel in the tradition of Mardi Gras. A great place to learn more about the history of Mardi Gras is the Mardi Gras Museum located downtown. Check out their website for more information.
  • Konnitiwa Sushi & Steakhouse is located at the intersection of Cottage Hill and University. Kid-friendly, inexpensive and good lunch specials. This is one of my favorite eateries in Mobile!
  • Leanne Carpenter
    RE/MAX Realty Professionals
    Great place for drinks and dinner. I love the fried flounder, and the panoramic view of Dog River and Mobile Bay. It just adds to the ambiance.
  • This is a great restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Make sure you get the strawberry tea. It's awesome. Also, the sandwiches and the Monte Cristo are to die for. A great place for the family. My wife and kids love it.

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Carmen Wilson
RE/MAX Realty Professionals
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