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Winston County Area Insight

  • Amendment 255 of the Alabama State Constitution, "The Posey Amendment" gives Winston County Alabama Legislative protection not extended to other localities in the state. Ratified in 1965 the Posey Amendment was a response to fears that the rest of the state could effectively control the decisions of those in Winston County. It prohibits the State Legislature from passing "a special or local act affecting Winston County or any city, town, village, district, or other such political subdivision of the county, unless the operation of such law shall be approved by a vote of the duly qualified electors of such county, city, town, village, district, or other political subdivision of the county, at an election held for such purpose, in the manner prescribed by such law" . Effectively it ensures to the people of Winston County "no taxation without Representation"
  • Winston County, AL
    Known as the "Free State of Winston", the residents of Winston County looked at the events unfolding during the Civil War. With only 14 slaveholders in the county the people were opposed to the South's secession, feeling that their opposition was in the best interests of the region and the country as a whole.

    During a meeting held at Looney's Tavern, the participants submitted a resolution that supported the Rights of their Brothers in the Confederacy, but indicated that they would not go to war against the Flag of their Fathers. It asked that the Confederacy on one hand, the Union on the other, leave the residents of Winston County "unmolested, that we may work out our political and financial destiny here in the hills and mountains of Northwest Alabama". To which one attendee remarked "Winston secedes: The Free State of Winston!"

    During a critical time in our country's history we chose to go our own way. More than 150 years, later many would say we still do.

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