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    If you are passing through Calera and want to try a great Mexican restaurant look no further than Las Mesas Mexican Grill! The atmosphere is great and so is the food! Located in the Walmart Shopping Center it is centrally located and easy to find!
  • In 1899 the railroads made the standard for the colors that they used for safety. They adopted green as clear to go, yellow to use caution and red for stop (danger). When cars came along they used the same colors for traffic lights.
  • As the sister of one of the engineers at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, I get to hear all about the fun events offered at the museum throughout the year. With spring almost upon us, it's that time of year when they are preparing for the Cottontail Express which runs March 19th, 20th, and 26th during the 2016 season. The people who put these events together pour their hearts and time into making them a memorable time for kids and their families. A train ride and egg hunt are just part of the fun they have planned. To order tickets and get all the details click on the link below. You'll also be able to see other events as well as information about the museum and how you can volunteer to help.
  • Welcome to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum ~ The Calera & Shelby Railroad runs on a portion of the former L&N Alabama Mineral Railroad, and was established in 1891. It is located just south of Birmingham in Calera, Alabama. The museum has standard gauge and gauge trains, two restored depots, a collection of railroad artifacts and memorabilia, and outdoor railroad cars, locomotives, and cabooses. Also, host lots of events in seasonal time of the year.
  • Come and live in Calera, Alabama. The town is just south of Birmingham, Alabama. The city is continuing to grow and prosperous. It is a great place to raise a family along with some great neighborhoods. Calera has numerous community events. One event that is popular this summer is the Farmers Market held on every Tuesday from 3 p.m.to 6 p.m. It is held across from Publix's grocery store. They even have kids entertainment while you shop for your favorite fresh vegetables.
  • Thomas the Train Event is taking place April 10, 11, 12, 18, and 19, 2015. This is such a wonderful time to enjoy with your children and friends, as they have so much to offer while at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum. The ride with Thomas is 25 minutes long. While waiting or after the ride things to enjoy are: Photos with Sir Topham Hatt, putt putt golf, jumpstation, bubble station, temporary Tattoos, storytelling, videos, live music, and hands on fun in the Imagination Station! There will be some delicious food on site, or if you want a more personal touch you can always bring a special picnic lunch from home.

    Contact www.hodrrm.org for more inforrmation, or call 205-668-3434 or 866-468-7630 for tickets
  • The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera is celebrating spring with train rides to Peter Cottontail's meadow where he's having an Easter Egg Hunt and there will be other fun activities for the kiddos! The dates are today, March 28th, Sunday March 29th and Saturday April 4th. For details and to purchase tickets, call 205-757-8383 or visit their website below.
  • What are you doing this weekend? Why not take a drive to Calera and check out the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum? Opening day for the 2015 season is Saturday, March 14. A train ride is a great family outing and there's plenty to see in the gift shop and museum.
  • As I drove through Waterford today homes are starting to put out their Christmas decoration. It is a Christmas Wonder Land by the time Thanksgiving Day gets here. Neighbors take pride in working hard to out do each other.
  • Saturday football is SERIOUS in Alabama. Riding around in the subdivision you can tell just as soon as Auburn starts playing. It is quiet as everyone starts watching TV. Then Saturday night Alabama comes on TV. Facebook and texting starts between family and friends. Auburn fans are talking about what a great game they watched and Alabama fans are talking about what is taking place on the field. We take pride in the Alabama teams winning.
  • The Doorbell rings, Gracy the Wenner Dog starts barking so off to the door they go. Kerry talks about the outfits each child is wearing and that they can not take Gracy home with them. His next question is sweet or sour and then laughing as he passed out all the candy. When there was a really good costume he would call us to the door. As Lois and I started talking to one of the cutest court jesters the mom asked me what I was doing at this house and we started talking and laughing. It was just like a party that you did not know who the next friend would be there at the door.
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    The Calera Area is very fortunate to have the Field Of Angels Baseball League. This baseball league is designed for those with special needs.The league plays their six game season during August and September each year, and it is open to anyone from the surrounding area. Each ball player is teamed up with a buddy to assist. Radio and TV Personalities announce play by play action including introducing each of the players. Many of the local college baseball teams participate each week. It warms your heart to see so much unconditional love on behalf of the players, coaches, sponsors, buddy, parents and friends.
  • Ozan Winery is one of the two vineries in Calera. They have wine tastings on Saturday afternoons. It is a fun place to visit and take home some bottles of your favorite wines. These make great presents or just enjoy them yourself. They also feature a train tride from the Heart of Dixie Train Museum to the winery with a box lunch and wine tasting. For details go to their website at http://www.ozanvineyardtrain.com.
  • The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum is one of my family's favorite places to visit. In the spring, Thomas the Tank Engine comes to visit. Along with him comes some of his pals not to mention there is food, souvenirs, folk singers, as well as story time for children (adults may enjoy it too). Also, in the spring there is the Cotton Tail Express. You get to ride the train, see the bunny, and just enjoy the day.

    In the fall we have the Pumpkin Patch Express where you get to take a train ride down to pick out your pumpkin. It is great fun for all. Of course, do not forget the train rides with Santa or the North Pole Express. There really is something for all of us at the Heart of Dixie Train Museum. Check out their website to learn more information about these and other events.
  • A large attraction in Calera is the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum. I have always heard of Thomas the Train, but have found out that they have many other features and special events. In October, there is the "Pumpkin Patch Express" (If you want tickets go to: www.hodrrm.org). The Pumpkin Patch Express train takes it passengers to the pumpkin field where they can have fun with a hay ride, bounce houses, temporary tattoos and much more. If you bring a pumpkin back from the field, there is an extra charge.
    I want to be extra nice to the people making this such a remember-able time because they volunteer their time to make this a special day for everyone who visits. Just want to say THANK YOU for what you do for us.
  • Calera, AL
    Call 205-668-3500 when you need information from the City of Calera about water, gas, garbage, engineering or the Mayor's office. Water, gas and garbage come out on the same bill each month. Garbage is $12 monthly and pick up is every Thursday. Calera has the garbage trucks that pick the cans up from the side of the street and dumps them into the truck. The large green cans have wheels for ease of getting them to the street. The office is located on Hwy 25 and they have a drive through window to pay the utility bills. Police and the magistrate's office are in the same building.
  • Located at 10 Commercial Park Dr in Calera is Alabama Furniture Market. I enjoy going by to walk their show room because they have great prices on furniture. I also get great ideas on how to put things together in my home. If you would like to visit their website: www.alabamafurnituremarket.com. If you ever heard of Dog Town you need to come check this furniture store out.
  • Calera, AL
    Sunday will be 10/20 and will be the Fall Talladega Race. The interstates are full of cars, campers and Uhaul trucks making their way for a full-filled weekend at the Races. They have two a year with one in the fall and the other one in the spring. This will bust the economy all around the Talladega area.
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    Buy your tickets now for the Pumpkin Patch Express. Trains depart on Sunday Oct. 27 at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. PM from the Heart of Dixie Depot in Calera. Events include a hayride, corn maze, tattoos, pick your pumpkin.
  • In the Village during the Waterford Yard Sale in October, was a woman who had a cooker set up selling ribs, chicken, sausage and hot dogs. Participants said she had the best macaroni and cheese they have ever eaten. They also said that they could smell her cooker three blocks over. I arrived at 5:30 p.m. and got the last plate she had. I took it home and shared it with my husband and mother. IT WAS DELISH!!!! I will hit her first at the next yard sale to try everything that she has. A lady in the Highlands had home baked cakes that were also DELISH!!! It tasted like a lemon pound cake. A man in the cove had boiled peanuts.
    So even your TASTE BUDS were satisfied at the WATERFORD YARD SALE!!!!
  • The best part of living at Waterford is that you have so many ways to get to I65. Leaving Waterford if you turn right on Hwy 70 and go 1.7 miles to Hwy 31 you can then decide which way to go to I65. Closest is turn left and one mile you are already at I65 Calera exit 231. If you go straight you can pick up I65 interstate at the Shelby Airport or turn right on Hwy 31 for 7 miles to I65 at the Alabaster exit 238.
  • On a usual week, we are known to stop by the Flowers Bread Store on Mondays because they double stamp if you spend $7.00 at their store on that day. They have more than bread, with other goodies such as cookies, cakes and crackers. When the card is stamped out, you get $7.00 to spend in the store. We also enjoy visiting with the lady who works there.
  • Twice I have needed the assistance of the Calera Fire Dept. They arrived very quickly and helped both times to relieve the anxiety of the situation. After checking out my mother to make sure that she was out of danger, they then helped to get us on our way to the emergency room. Thanks to such skillful and helpful firemen.
  • According to the 2000 census Calera's population was 3,158 and in 10 years it nearly quadrupled to 11,791. That makes Calera the fastest growing city in Alabama.
  • The Heart of Dixie Railroad museum has much to offer! Check out the website for events for all ages. Take a ride around Calera, including the Timberline Golf Community, and learn more of our great railway history. Lots of kiddie activities all year long...especially Thomas the Train!

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